If you love nature and the proximity of water, if you value independence and comfort, then a stay in Lemuria is a perfect solution for you. Lemuria is available to rent all year and fully adapted for those cold days as there is gas heating.  We recommend Lemuria for sea fans, where you can quickly wrap yourself in a blanket and relax with a cup of hot tea after cooling down.

Lemuria’s stopping place in the ATM Marina in Osobowice is an excellent location for relaxation, at the same time offering many opportunities to spend free time in the summer. By choosing our apartment, you can park your car in front of the house, which is an unquestionable advantage, and the fenced area of ​​the marina is protected 24 hours a day, so you can feel safe.

If you would like more peace and privacy awayfrom the marina you canquickly sail to another quiet bay where you can spend a night or two without any restrictions. The shallow waters of the bay will also allow you to easily go ashore.

Our range of offers, i.e. what are the possibilities of renting Lemuria:

lemuria apartament


Do you need to rest, clear your mind, get a good night’s sleep? Anyone who has slept on shoulders, boats or in a tent, knows how quickly you can regenerate. In the tranquil marina, you can go back to the book that is waiting to be finished, meditate, or simply relax on a comfortable sun lounger looking at the beauty of nature.

lemuria biuro


Do you need peace for concentration? Do you want to stimulate your creativity? Or maybe you can’t afford a vacation and you still need a little rest? Morning coffee, a desk, a comfortable armchair, high-speed internet are the equipment that will allow you to do so.

lemuria kolacja


Do you want to surprise a person close to you? Are you looking for a place that will make the time spent together even closer to you? A few candles, fresh flowers, a good snack and the atmosphere is ready. Lemuria is the perfect place for a romantic dinner and a perfect space to strengthen a relationship or make a proposal to a loved one.

lemuria wędkowanie


Do you like fishing? When mooring at the available shore, you can comfortably catch a catfish or other fish. On the terrace, we have prepared sets of holders for mounting fishing rods and installed an echo sounder to study the bottom of the river. We recommend taking a photo, making a wish, giving the fish a kiss and releasing it, because Lemuria is not a fishing boat after all.

lemuria sesjaz djęciowa


Are you looking for an original place for a photo session? Here you are. Lemuria, thanks to its bright interior and natural furnishings in shades of taupe, wood and elegant black, creates the perfect background for this. The tranquil water and surrounding green land will complete the whole picture.